Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Plodding Along. Thesis update III.

I've got about a month 'til I leave on my Antarctic
Cruise. I've got new watercolor stuff, sketchbooks,
etc. Just need to get a good camera, thinking a digital
SLR like the Nikon D80 (any sponsers out there? now is
the time to step up !).

Here are a bunch on images, charting my progress on my 5
panels. I've put in about 2 months time on these huge paintings
and they are rounding the corner - the end is in sight.

So, this is a sampling of the things that have been happening
in my studio. Starting to do "double shifts", 8am-5pm + 8pm-1am.
It's actually kinda fun, it feels like grad school! Now, about that
sleep thing...

Graphite on paper.
Oil on Panel.
One session, moving lots of paint around, using a little linseed oil to keep the paint wet...
Triptych, actually have lots more done then this image, next update will show this...
Some watercolor practice...