Thursday, October 04, 2007

Going to Antarctica?

Yes it very well may be happening. Stay tuned for details.



It is on. I have been booked on a Cruise ship that will
travel to the Antarctic peninsula. If you are interested
in allll the details you can click on this link to my
itinerary: Ice Cruise Itinerary.

Works out great, right in the middle of my thesis and of
course, thanks to University of Notre Dame for funding my
research trip.

So I'm headed down in early December. About the 7-19th I
think. Gotta get a new camera and some quality water colors!

Didn't think this was going to work out but after some stops
and starts it all came together this AM. Initially I was
planning on taking this cruise via a restored Icebreaker/
Research vessel but then I found this Cruise this morning
that ( is on a cruise ship with hot tubs,
huge observatory (enclosed) decks and all that... I lucked
out as well on the booking b/c everything is double occupancy
I was fighting an uphill battle and relying on luck for
some one to be willing to share a double room- but I guess
minutes after I contacted this agency someone else called
and requested the same deal.

Man, I'm all jittery now, haven't been able to paint all